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Consultancy Services

I have been a mainframe systems programmer since 1986 and have worked with two very different operating systems ( MVS and VM ), two very different OLTP products ( CICS® and IMS DC ), two very different database managers ( DB2® and IMS DB ) and numerous other IBM and ISV products. Additionally, I have been extensively involved in low-level and also high-level programming projects.

My mainframe systems programming experience is very broad, but equally in-depth. I have specialised in different systems programming areas and products at different points in my career. The mainframe systems programming consultancy services that I provide today reflect the experience gained since 1986.

As the consultancy services I provide are quite diverse, I have broadly categorised the services in the navigation area. This information is by no means exhaustive, but is simply intended to give an impression of the type of services available. Obviously a number of the services are directly related e.g. installation, customisation and migration or performance and capacity planning. However, I categorised the services separately to provide the customer as much flexibility as possible i.e. you may wish to install a product yourself, but require assistance with customisation.

My philosophy is to be as flexible as possible, so that the customer can take advantage of as many or as few services as he really requires.

If you are looking for something very specific and it is not mentioned on this web site, please do not hesitate to contact me as the service you require may possibly be available.

Generally speaking, if you have any questions regarding the consultancy services provided, please do not hesitate to contact me.


My offices are located just south of Frankfurt, Germany (I speak German fluently) and the majority of my consultancy services are currently provided for organisations in the Frankfurt area. However, the services I provide are not exclusively intended for the Frankfurt area.

“Geographically mobile” — is that phrase still appropriate to information technology? The Internet has, in many ways, reduced the world to the size of a PC monitor. I can simultaneously access computers in Hong Kong, London, New York and Sydney from the comfort of my own office. If your employees can access your mainframe environment from home using a PC, modem and terminal emulation software, then so could I. There are no geographically related, technological barriers — the only remaining barrier would be trust.

My experience as an independent consultant since 1994 has shown me that there is no substitute for direct, personal communication especially with new or potential clients and most particularly at the beginning (specification) and end (acceptance) of a project.

The point I am making is, that you do not have to be a Frankfurt or even European based organisation to take advantage of the consultancy services I provide. It obviously depends on the consultancy service to be provided, but we would mutually agree the most suitable solution for that service and for your requirements.